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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Iowa, you've done it again. It has truly been a dream.

It has been nearly five months since I left Florida to return to Iowa - and even as I type that statement, my thoughts are sent to a screeching halt. I can't believe it has already been five months!

In the grand scheme of things, the time between deciding to leave Florida back in July and the 2014 general election was minuscule. And yet, in that small period, I experienced so much.

I've added some crazy (or better said, unexpected) new skills to my resume, all mostly barn sign-related (ie: how to hang a barn sign, how to fix a barn sign, how to dispose of a barn sign) and gained some less-unexpected knowledge, ie: a greater understanding of the electoral process. Additionally, I've heavily expanded upon my network of contacts here in Iowa (translation: I made a crap ton of friends).

I cannot sufficiently express how grateful I am for the wonderful people I've met since working with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor's team; the learning curve is ever-minimized when you have coworkers and volunteers so willing to offer help when it is needed, constructive criticism when it is deserved, and praise where it is due. It is rare to find oneself in such hard-working, intelligent, passionate company, and I can't stop wondering how I got so lucky to have found myself in the midst of such a high quality group. You have all been a blessing!

However as election cycles do, this one has come to an end (a sweet, sweet, victorious end for Republicans nationwide) and now, I'm going where all Iowa campaign staffers go during the off-season: Des Moines.

As of this past week, I'm embarking upon a new journey as a scheduler for Iowa's Lieutenant Governor, Kim Reynolds! I am both honored and over-the-moon excited to have been offered this wonderful new opportunity.

I'll be moving to Des Moines at some point over the next month (and plan to buy my Des Moines: French for 'The Moines' t-shirt soon thereafter).

By now, moving to a new city feels like business as usual.

I can only expect to be completely surprised by whatever God places in front of me - which is also starting to feel like business as usual.

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