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Monday, February 9, 2015

"Do other people think we're as funny as we think we are?"

My mom asked my dad, Caroline, and I as we laughed over breakfast at Wheatfield's in Omaha, NE on Saturday morning. No telling exactly what we were laughing about - but as I've gotten older and my family has seemed to blur the line between parents/siblings and best friends, it feels like all we ever do when we're together is laugh.

It's not always been that way. Each of us has had our ups-and-downs which have brought on natural ebbs-and-flows in our relationships with one another. I, personally, was a nightmare at around age fourteen. My parents wouldn't likely admit that to other people in public for the sake of my feelings (my sisters would be less-inclined to use such discretion), however that doesn't make it any less true, nor am I any less aware that I kind of sucked as a teenager.

And just as I've had my moments, they've had theirs as well. But in these blissful instances that we're all laughing together around the breakfast table, or over drinks and free cookies at the hotel bar, or sitting beside one another at a Jesuit Honor Society induction (Congrats Emily, the family smarty-pants), I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for these people in my life who've dealt with me at my worst and still choose to love me anyway.

This is where growing up tears me in two. Although coming to adulthood has added immense depth to my relationships with my parents and sisters, it has also meant I see them much more scarcely than I used to. I'm heartbroken at the end of weekends like this one because Monday mornings always seem to come too quickly.

Marie, my mom - my confidante, my closest ally, my biggest fan. God has given me the assurance that I'm always being prayed for, always being cared about, and never, ever forgotten, and He has given me this assurance in a mother who's raised me to be the same blessing to my own family one day. Both cry at nearly anything, both quick to jump to our family's defense, my mom and I are two of the same heart.

Tom, my dad - my greatest defender, my inspiration and my sense of humor. No person can ever make me feel half as loved as my dad can make me feel. God has set a high standard for my future husband in my life. I'm blessed to have grown up with a father so willing to sacrifice his own dreams for mine and to remind me all the while that he gives his love entirely without conditions.

Emily - my bright light. If my personality were contrasted in another person, it would likely be in Emily. Her sweetness and soft-spoken nature serves as my oh-so-gentle reminder to quiet down, calm down, and let my faith be my guide. She gracefully takes Caroline and I's teasing and is an encouraging soul for our lives. Emily is truly deserving of the world and more.

Caroline - my laugh, our baby. Caroline and I are so alike in many ways, yet entirely different in so many others. I often envy her eye for fashion and her wit; she is one of the funniest people in my life. Caroline has the most compassionate, forgiving heart of anyone I know, which has been a blessing to me as I've often had to ask for her forgiveness. I'd take on the world to protect Caroline's sensitive heart.

God has given me my greatest blessings in my family - I have absolutely no doubt in that. I am so happy to spend time with them and so, so sad for it to end. So tonight, I'm in a little bit of a funk.

But I remind myself that although age has separated us physically, we are now the closest we've ever been. That, in itself, is something to be hugely grateful for.

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