Here's How We Know The EU's Immigration Laws Are DEFINITELY To Blame For European Terror

Monday, June 5, 2017

The UK voted to leave the European Union because people were terrified of the immigration situation—and now those fears are coming to fruition. The situation we are seeing now is absolutely in direct correlation to the loose laws that Europe has, and there's zero room to deny it.

Let me tell you how we know:

The suicide bomber that killed 22 people in Manchester just over a week ago had traveled REGULARLY back and forth between England and Syria, where his family had ties to an Islamist militant group. I mean, this is insane? This guy had been on a terror watch list for more than 5 years for extremist behavior and sympathizing with terrorists. Personal friends and people he knew from the mosque where he worshipped reported him to the government more than FIVE TIMES because of sketchy stuff he did, and this guy was still somehow frequently traveling back and forth.

We’ve seen similar cases with these other terrorist attacks, one of which was in Sweden—the guy was an asylum seeker whose visa had been revoked, and the police had shown up at his house to deport him TWO DAYS before he attacked a bunch of people. This is just insane! If our immigration policies aren’t protecting us from THIS, then what are they protecting us from? And Europe has invited it, and been inviting it, for years.

But what’s even more insane to me is that Americans refuse to learn from these mistakes. We’ve been lucky thus far. And isn’t that sad? We had the worst terrorist attack in history on 9/11, and yet, we’ve met Trump’s travel order with anger. Not just resistance—ANGER. Who are you so angry at? I promise that if your answer is anything other than, "islamic terrorists," your anger is deeply misguided and misdirected.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding this ban. First of all, the intent was that it would be temporary. It’s a 90-day ban until we get a proper vetting system in place. 90 freaking days! 3 months! Are you kidding me? That’s a NOTHING price to pay for the safety of the American people. And people call it a “muslim” ban—again, not accurate. This is a ban that singles out high-risk nations. Do they have a high percentage of muslims in these countries? Unfortunately, yes. Is the brand of terrorism we know today inextricably tied to the muslim faith? Also, unfortunately, YES.

The President did an amazing thing two weeks ago in Saudi Arabia, and it seems almost every other nation in the world except our own (and maybe Germany bc Angela Merkel hates him) is praising him for it—the President looked the muslim world in the face and said, “this is not a war between faiths. This is not Christians against Muslims. This is a battle between GOOD and EVIL.” And then, he challenged them: “DRIVE THEM OUT. Drive the terrorists out of your mosques and your places of worship.” YES!! We should be PRAISING him for this!! It’s about time a world leader stands up and speaks the truth on this issue—and we need MORE of this, not less.

Our Secretary Of Defense James Mattis gave a remarkable interview on Face The Nation about terrorism and our national security just over Memorial Day weekend. He said what we’re dealing with is an ideological war. We are fighting a war against ideas, not a specific race or nationality. So the only answer is to humiliate them and annihilate them. We have to suck their recruitment efforts dry, and destroy the pockets of fighters we're aware of. If we don't, they will go back to their scattered native countries and continue to spread their ideology, but in a fashion that's much more difficult to target. We CANNOT let this happen, and open borders will only make it more difficult to do so.

So while I sympathize with Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, who think we should all just live in solidarity and just, ya know, “love on each other,” or whatever, that fundamentally will not work here. If cultural immersion worked—if it worked to simply welcome these people into our homes and our neighborhoods and our society—the suicide bombing in Manchester would not have happened. Salmen Abedi was a "normal" 23-year-old guy with normal friends. He funded his terror efforts with his STUDENT LOAN money. And when he bombed Manchester Arena, he was wearing $300 Nikes and an outfit that any one of my guy friends would have picked out at the mall.

This ideology is ELUSIVE. And we cannot afford to ignore that fact, because it will continue to cost us lives.

If you’re worried about climate change, great. Good for you. You care about the earth and that’s fantastic—it’s the only one the good Lord gave us. But to behave as though the world is burning and simultaneously ignore the very real, immediate, existential threat that we face in islamic terrorism today is not only foolish, it’s deliberate. And it’s wrong. And if you’re choosing to ignore it, you’re on the wrong side of this battle.

It is time to wake up.

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