WARNING: Viral Video Of Parents Teaching Kids To Masturbate Is Just ONE Example Of Abuse On Youtube

Monday, July 17, 2017

I came across this article earlier today about a video that's recently popped up on Youtube of parents teaching their children to masturbate. Please don't go looking for it—it's already garnered over a million views and counting, and it's public humiliation of the absolute worst kind.

Youtube is a pretty dark place if you know where to look. There's a lot to be said on this topic.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to 'The Donald' Reddit page. While it's true much of what's trending there ranges from pro-Trump social media posts to obligatory CNN-bashing (and an occasional Seth Rich conspiracy theory), I came across one article in particular—about Daniel Tosh, of all people—that I've not been able to get out of my head.

Tosh did a segment on his show, Tosh.O, in which he uncovered a disturbing Youtube channel called "Seven Super Girls." At face value, the show could be seen as mostly-innocent—young girls taking part in bizarre activities that aren't so much overtly sexual, as much as they're sort of strange and confusing. A kid—say, between the ages of 7-12—might find the videos funny.

But Tosh points out that, in looking closer, there's not a chance in hell its kids who're racking up billions of views on these videos.

Tosh points out that The Beatles' video, "I Want To Hold Your Hand," has 13.7 million views.

One of the most popular "Seven Super Girls" videos, titled, "Lucy's Morning Routine," has 137 million views.


Here's his clip:

I've watched this segment all of twice and it makes me so sick, I can't get it out of my head.

These girls are being exploited—and by their parents, nonetheless, who are, in most cases, either directly involved with the filming and production of the videos or are auditioning their young children out to the people who are.

Why? Because once you surpass a certain threshold of views and channel subscriptions on Youtube, assuming you're not breaking any copyright laws by using music or video you don't have rights to, the video-streaming giant will pay you for every video you post.

Yes. You read that right. Parents are auditioning their children out to these sick video production channels because they're making major dollars in the process.

And this isn't anything new. Just a few months ago, a Maryland couple was arrested and had their children taken from them because of the mental torture they'd been performing on them as part of their Youtube channel, DaddyOFive.

The channel broadcast the abuse under the guise of "pranks"—but these weren't kids playing pranks on kids or adults playing pranks on adults. These were two adult parents publicly humiliating their children and recording it for the world to see. Naturally, because we live in a sick, disgusting place, these videos also racked up huge numbers of views.

Here's the video they issued as an apology:

And now, we arrive at this article I found today—parents filming themselves teaching their children how to masturbate and posting it online.

It should go without saying that I'm not going to link to it. These sick, deranged parents would only make money if I did.

Aside from all of the obvious issues we should have with what's happening in this video, I'm more disturbed than anything at these parents' willingness to exploit their children's innocence and essentially place them directly in the hands of people who will abuse it.

It's a parent's role to protect his/her child. Pope Francis talks about this in his encyclical on the family. He says that the family unit is meant to be reflective of the love God has for his children. A parent's love is meant to be an earthly reflection of the love has for each of us—that is, unconditional love absent of rejection, selfishness, or abuse.

Obviously, we live in a broken world. We live in a world befallen by sin, where there's no perfect love and no perfect people, and sometimes lives don't look the way they should. But there is no excuse for what these parents have done, and continue to do, to their children.

The devil does his best work when he successfully coerces us into corrupting the most innocent members of our society.

And we're seeing this constantly now—children who are allowed to dress and behave like the opposite gender because someone, at some point, put it in their heads that they "feel" this way. And parents going so far as to give them hormone therapy medication before they've even hit puberty.

There's a reason that we have laws to protect children from engaging in sexual activity before a certain age. And there's a reason that mentally-healthy human beings physically recoil at the thought of child pornography and child sexual abuse—because it's wrong. It's unnatural. It goes against our very existence as human beings to engage a child in something that their sweet, new, innocent minds cannot understand or comprehend.

And the worst part—the very, very, very worst part—is that hardly anyone talks about this.

Tosh's segment aired months ago—MONTHS AGO—and it's gotten virtually no coverage otherwise (aside from Reddit—some seriously good dudes are on Reddit, I'm convinced).

These "Seven Super Girls" accounts continue to post videos EVERY DAY and they're there for any pervert who's looking for them, right in plain sight. And for every pervert who clicks on any of those videos, a little girl's parents are heading straight to the bank.

This is sick stuff. Lord, does our world need prayers.

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